Wedding Doves

White doves at weddings are symbolic of celebration, new beginnings, peace, love, serenity and the Holy Spirit. They have been used in ceremonies throughout the world for centuries. Their beauty, as they soar into the sky is truly breathtaking. They have the ability to create a memory that guests will talk about for years to come.
Wedding doves can represent eternal life, love, happiness and unity. They signify the celebration of the beginning of your new marriage together. This is a unique way to express that special love and joy you are feeling on your wedding day and really “wow” your family and guests.
There are many things about the doves that you may find surprising! Our white wedding doves are specially trained birds. The scientific world is still unsure of exactly how they find their way home. This is the only way white wedding doves can be released - finding their way home, often awaiting their handler upon his return from the event!