Releasing Snow White Doves in the entire Phoenix, Arizona metro area.

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When searching for a white dove release in Arizona, who you choose is important. A meaningful dove release is not something that happens by accident, but is a result of planning, preparation, timing, and especially, experience. When done by a knowledgeable professional, a white dove release can add a special and memorable effect as you pay tribute to your loved one.

Who We Are

Members of the International White Dove Society. We abide by their Code of Ethics.

The professionals from Elizabeth's Arizona Doves specialize in one thing - White Dove Releases. This is not something we do as an "add on" to other services. We are known for our Arizona funeral doves at memorials and other special events. Our birds have been selectively bred from the finest stock available in the entire country, birds which have proven themselves to reliably return home from distances over 300 miles (yes, the birds do indeed beat us home after nearly every release!) This, combined with our experience and knowledge of Arizona mortuary and cemetary locations assures you of a wonderful release should you hire us.

White doves at weddings are symbolic of celebration, new beginnings, peace, love, serenity and the Holy Spirit. They have been used in ceremonies throughout the world for centuries. Their beauty, as they soar into the sky is truly breathtaking. They have the ability to create a memory that guests will talk about for years to come.

Wedding doves can represent eternal life, love, happiness and unity. They signify the celebration of the beginning of your new marriage together. This is a unique way to express that special love and joy you are feeling on your wedding day and really “wow” your family and guests.

There are many things about the doves that you may find surprising! Our white wedding doves are specially trained birds. The scientific world is still unsure of exactly how they find their way home. This is the only way white wedding doves can be released - finding their way home, often awaiting their handler upon his return from the event!

Arizona Doves offers families a breathtaking option for their memorial service - the release of 20-45 snow-white doves. A single dove (the spirit dove) is usually held by a loved one as the main flock is released. A few seconds later the spirit dove is released. The guests are comforted yet awe struck as they see the single bird fly to catch the flock, symbolizing the spirit ascending to heaven. This is usually done with a musical accompaniment played through professional gear. For additional details please view the Arizona Memorial Doves section of this website. Or better yet, give us a call, we would be happy to help you.

We have released our white doves at many events including graduations, grand openings and dedications. Please feel free to call if you have an idea for a white dove release.

Don't take our word for it... ask your funeral director. Who does the best dove releases in Arizona! We respect the importance of your day by paying attention to detail. Why settle for less?

What We Do

Release White Doves at Memorials, Special Events, Anniversaries, Weddings, Quinceaneras, and Graduations.

Once the birds have been released, they begin their flight back home to their spacious loft
Arizona Doves offers families a breathtaking option for their memorial service - the release of 20-45
As dozens of snow-white doves are released into the blue sky on their journey home, a lasting impression
Performing a white dove release at your anniversary is certain to provide a memorable moment
Below you will find a few clips of the many dove releases we perform. We already have many beautiful
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We Are Blessed To Touch Lives Through Our Dove Releases.

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